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2017 Ride Sept. 16th

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** The 24th Annual Trail of Tears Commemorative Motorcycle Ride® will be held on Sept 16, 2017 **

- Always the Third Saturday of September


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The True Story of how the "Trail of Tears Commemoration and Motorcycle Ride ®" Got Started

In the early 1990's, Jerry Davis, of Scottsboro, Alabama, was researching Native American history surrounding his area.  He learned that the Trail of Tears removal had used a route passing along present-day  Hwy. 72.  He began talking with longtime friend, Bill Cason, of  Whitwell, Tennessee about what they could do to bring public awareness to this event.  Jerry felt that this route should be officially recognized and marked. Conversation after conversation took place.  One day Bill Cason, a motorcycle rider, suggested that the best way to he knew to get people's attention was to have a bike ride.

Neither Bill Cason, nor Jerry Davis started this event by themselves; however Jerry Davis, being CEO and Founder of the Alabama Waterfowl Association (AWA) used AWA's nonprofit status to sponsor the endeavor and AWA and his friendly relationship with the federal, state agency and officials necessary to start the Trail of Tears project.

With this being said, Jerry Davis did come up with the idea and collected the history to prove the Drane/Hood route necessary for designating the Drane/Hood Route of the Trail of Tears. This event was started to bring awareness about this dark chapter in America's history and educate the public so this atrocity would never be repeated in America again. The Trail of Tears Commemoration and Motorcycle ride is not Bill Cason's ride. Many people on the Alabama Trail of Tears Committee, under AWA started this event and made this event very successful. People line up and ride in his parade from Ross' Landing in Chattanooga to Waterloo, Alabama in honor of our first American settlers, from a statement from a letter written to Jerry Davis, AWA from Alabama Senator Howell Heflin saying "It is time Alabama recognized the blood, sweat and tears on Alabama soil." Also, the riders recognize the horrible way the American Indians of the Southeast were treated because of racism and greed. This is why the motorcyclists from all walks of life line up and ride in the Trail of Tears Commemoration and Motorcycle Ride. Most people do not ride for Bill Cason or Jerry Davis; they ride in honor of American Indians.

Bill Cason never mentioned the Trail of Tears until Jerry Davis started working on the Trail of Tears legislation 95-346 and talking about the history and that the trails needed to be designated. Jerry Davis conducted a poll and found out that only about 3 in 10 people in the Huntsville area knew what the Trail of Tears is, this is when he got a few other people and groups together and decided to start a motorcycle ride to focus attention on the Drane/Hood Trail of Tears route that runs from Ross' Landing in Chattanooga to Waterloo, Alabama. This is the route recognized by the Alabama Indian Affairs Commission as the official route of the "Trail of Tears Commemoration and Motorcycle Ride ®".

Chattanooga Mayor Littlefield Proclamation supporting the ATTOTCAI Route to Waterloo.

Alabama Governor Riley Commendation supporting the ATTOTCAI Route to Waterloo.

Alabama Indian Affairs Commission supporting the ATTOTCAI Route to Waterloo.

Oklahoma Ride History.

Ride At Your Own Risk

2016 Ride September 17th - always the 3rd Saturday of September

Brought to you by the AL-TN Trail of Tears Corridor Association, Inc.

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